Events and Announcements

GWS XXXV National Exhibition Calendar:

  • Apr 24 - Exhibition closes
  • Apr 25 - Pick-up and packing day 11:00am – 2:00pm
  • Apr 25 - Shipped work pick-up by UPS or FedEx

GWS Seventh Annual High School Seniors Scholarship Show Exhibition Calendar 2014

  • Apr 14 - May 2 - Exhibit at Binders - Limelight Gallery
  • May 3 Awards Reception
    2pn - 3pm
  • May 3 Students take artwork home (3pm)
For more information click here

2014 Georgia Watercolor Society Member Exhibition

Information for the 2014 GWS Member Show is listed below! Click the link to download a PDF. GWS Announces Propectus for 2014 GWS Member Show.

Congratulations to our newest Georgia Watercolor Society Signature Members!

As of the 2014 National Exhibition, the following members have achieved Signature Status!

  • Margaret Becker (Marnie)
  • Peggy Brown
  • Dana Daydodge
  • Kathleen Durdin
  • Donna England
  • Carole Young McCollum
  • Daryl Nicholson
  • Carol Van Dyck

Click here to view the show!

Award Winners - 2014 National Exhibition

Courtney III

Kathleen Durdin, GWS
First Place

Splish Splash

Catherine Pichon
Third Place

Inside the Paint Shed

Charles Sharpe, GWS
Second Place

Beatin’ the Heat

Peggy Brown, GWS
Fourth Place
Binders Award

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